Taxconsultant Atse C. van der Hoek is chartered public accountant (member of WPK in Berlin, Germany and member of NBA in Amsterdam, the Netherlands)


If you are planning to do business in Germany we can assist you with


1 tax consulting and services


incometax, payrolltax, VAT, corporation tax, inheritance tax, city/countytax


We assist you to avoid paying too much tax, we declare your taxes on behalf of you and we check your taxbill. We can act as your agent for the german tax authorities and social institutions.  


 2 accounting


financial accounting, payroll-accounting, financial statements


We are experts with regard to your accounting and employer obligations. We prepare all payments to your employees (payslips), taxauthorities and local social institutions.

We advise corporations, businesses, professionals and private clients.


audits and managementconsulting


- audits, managementaccounting, costaccounting


We offer assurance services if you doubt about the correctness of the financial information offered to you and we advise you on management- and costaccounting.


- which legal construction do I chose


We know the legal risks and tax consequences of the alternatives you have. No matter whether you start up a branch in Germany or you´re expanding existing operations, we will help you to find the best solution.



Please contact us:


by phone xx 49 511 9805153

by fax xx 49 511 3745407

by cellphone/mobile xx 49 160 96603969

by e-mail info@wp-vanderhoek.de


Our office is situated near the citycentre of Hannover, a few taximinutes away from the central railwaystation.


Taxconsultant Atse C. van der Hoek, Wirtschaftsprüfer and Registeraccountant works with the powerfull software of DATEV eG.

Atse van der Hoek WP GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft.